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English Syllabus


Chaucer to Shakespeare

Geoffrey Chaucer : The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
Edmund Spenser : Prothalamion
Shakespeare : Sonnets (12,18,29,30,33,53,54,60,65,73,90,94,107,116,144)
John Donne : A Valediction : Forbidding Mourning
Andrew Marvell : To His Coy Mistress
Francis Bacon : Of Truth
Of Death
Of Revenge
Of Marriage and Single Life
Of Ambition
Of Nobility
Christopher Marlowe : Dr.Faustus
Thomas Middleton : The Changeling
John Webster : The Duchess of Malfi
William Shakespeare : Twelfth Night
Henry IV Part I
The Tempest
Antony and Cleopatra


Jacobean to Augustan Age

John Milton : Paradise Lost - Book IX
John Dryden : Mac Flecnoe
Alexander Pope : An Epistle to Dr.Arbuthnot
Thomas Gray : Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
Thompson : Spring
William Collins : Ode to Evening
William Blake : A Poison Tree
The Tiger
The Lamb
John Dryden : Preface to the Fables
Jonathan Swift : The Battle of the Books
Daniel Defoe : Robinson Crusoe
Addison and Steele : The Spectator and the Coverly Papers (Essays 1-10 Macmillan Edn.)
Samuel Johnson : Preface to Shakespeare
William Congreve : The Way of the World
R.B.Sheridan : The Rivals
Goldsmith : She Stoops to Conquer
Henry Fielding : Tom Jones


Romantic Period

Wordsworth : Intimation Ode
Tintern Abbey
Coleridge : Kubla Khan
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
P.B.Shelley : To a Skylark
John Keats : Ode to a Nightingale
Ode on a Grecian Urn
Byron : Vision of Judgement
Charles Lamb : Essays of Elia
1. The South-Sea House
2. Dream Children : A Reverie
3. Christ Hospital Five and Thirty Years Ago
4. Oxford in the Vacation
5. All Fools’ Day
Wordsworth : Preface to the Lyrical Ballads
Walter Scott : The Heart of Midlothian
Jane Austen : Pride and Prejudice
Emily Bronte : Wuthering Heights


Victorian Period

Tennyson : Ulysses
The Lotus Eaters
Robert Browning : My Last Duchess
Andrea Del Sarto
Matthew Arnold : The Scholar Gipsy
Dover Beach
D.G.Rossetti : The Blessed Damozel
G.M.Hopkins : The Wreck of the Deutschland
Matthew Arnold : The Study of Poetry
Oscar Wilde : The Importance of Being Earnest
Charles Dickens : Great Expectations
Thomas Hardy : The Woodlanders


Modern and Contemporary Periods

W.B.Yeats : Sailing to Byzantium
T.S.Eliot : The Waste Land
W.H.Auden : The Unknown Citizen
Philip Larkin : Church Going
C.B.Lewis : Fern Hill
T.S.Eliot : Tradition and the Individual Talent
E.M.Forster : (Selections from E.M.Forster.
Edited by R.Krishnamoorthy & Published by Macmillan).
1. Notes on the English Character
2. My Wood
3. Hymn Before Action
4. Tolerance
5. What I Believe
G.B.Shaw : Arms and the Man
John Osborne : Look Back in Anger
T.S.Eliot : Murder in the Cathedral
D.H.Lawrence : The Rainbow
William Golding : Lord of the Flies
Joseph Conrad : Lord Jim


American Literature

Emerson : Brahma
Poe : The Raven
Whitman : When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d
Emily Dickinson : Success is Counted Sweetest
I Tasted a Liquor Never Brewed
Because I Could not Stop for Death
A Narrow Fellow in the Grass
Robert Frost : Mending Wall Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening
Wallace Stevens : The Emperor of Ice-cream
Emerson : The American Scholar
Henry James : The Art of Fiction
O’Neill : The Hairy Ape
Edward Albe : Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolfe
Hawthorne : The Scarlet Letter
Mark Twain : Huckleberry Finn
Ernest Hemingway : The Old Man and the Sea
Faulkner : The Sound and the Fury
Alice Walker : Color Purple


Indian English Literature

Toru Dutt : The Lotus
Our Casuarina Tree
R.Parthasarathy : Under Another Sky
A River Once
Sarojini Naidu : Indian Weavers
Kamala Das : Introduction My Grandmother’s House
Nissim Ezekiel : Enterprise
Night of the Scorpion
A.K.Ramanujan : Small Scale Reflections on a Great House
Sri Aurobindho : The Renaissance in India
Tagore : Post Office
Girish Karnard : Tughlaq
R.K.Narayan : The Guide
Chaman Nahal : Azadi
Deshpande : The Dark Holds No Terrore
Arundathi Roy : God of Small Things


Language and Linguistics

  • 01 Family of Indo-European Languages
  • 02Foreign Influences
  • 03Word Making
  • 04Change of Meaning
  • 05Spelling Reforms
  • 06Standard English
  • 07Morphology
  • 08Basic Sentence Patterns
  • 09IC Analysis
  • 10Structural Linguistics
  • 11T.G. Grammar
  • 12English Language Teaching
  • 13Translation
  • 14Semantics, Pragmatics and Discourse
  • 15Descriptions and classification of Consonants and Vowels
  • 16Accent
  • 17Intonation
  • 18Phonetic Transcription
  • 19Writing a research paper: Bibliography, abstract, documentation etc
  • 20Mechanics of thesis writing


Criticism and Literary Theories

Aristotle : Poetics
Dr Johnson : Life of Milton
T.S.Eliot : The Function of Criticism
I.A.Richards : Four Types of Meaning
Northrop Frye : The Archetypes of Literature
Lionel Trillin : The Meaning of a Literary Idea
Rolland Barthes : The Death of the Author
Wayne Booth : Telling and Showing
Edward Wilson : A Historical Interpretation of Literature
Derrida : Structure, Sign ad Play in the Discourse of Human Sciences
Terry Eagleton : Capitalism, Modernism and Post Modernism
Elaine Showalter : Towards a Feminist Poetics
Gayatri Spivak : Imperialism and Sexual Difference


Post Colonial Literature and European Literature in Translation

A.G.Smith : Ode on the Death of William Butler Yeats
Like an Old Proud King in a Parable.
Margeret at Wood : Journey to the Interior.
P.K.Page : Adolescence
Wilfered Campbell : The Winter Lakes
George Ryga : The Ecstasy of Rita Joe
Margaret Lawrance : The Stone Angel
Ondaatje : Running in the Family
Sir Thomas More : Utopia
Moliere : The Misanthropist
Ibsen : A Doll’s House
Wole Soyinka : The Lion and the Jewel
Chinua Achebe : Things Fall Apart